Jennifer King, MA, BCBA

Hello, I’m Jennifer King, the founder of Teaching Together. I started this company to help empower families and caregivers with the knowledge and tools to help their children.

At Teaching Together, we provide therapy for children and young adults who are experiencing challenges with feeding.

Specifically, we offer in-home therapy for children and young adults who are typically developing, are on the autism spectrum and have medical conditions that affect meal time.  If your child or someone you care about is experiencing difficulty in these areas and would benefit from learning new mealtime skills, Teaching Together may be able to help.

We work closely with parents, teachers, and other important people in the child’s life and conduct therapy in a variety of settings, such as the child’s home, school and other “real life” places. This creates a natural and fun environment for the children and helps to maximize motivation and ensure lasting results.

Teaching Together provides services to clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. Please call to see if you are within our service area.

Jennifer was interviewed for a segment called ‘Potty Training in a day?’ on WHYY. Listen to the broadcast here or read the article.

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